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I believe rape culture is one of the greatest CRISES facing our generation. Voicing consent exists to challenge it, and reclaim healthy, positive sex for young adults. 


Our Mission

The mission of Voicing Consent is to provide youth with a safe space to learn about consent, and share their stories and passion for this issue through written work, art and videos, thereby generating understanding about consent and allowing voices to be heard. Voicing Consent is attempting to better prepare youth and young adults to have positive and healthy sexual relationships, and tackle rape culture in an empowering, positive and motivating way. Voicing Consent recognizes that life is intersectional and rape culture may affect different groups of people in different ways. We respect all gender and sexual identities. 

ABout the project

Voicing Consent was created as part of a post program social justice project for the Experiment in International Living's Leadership Institute's Public Health and Community Development trip to India in 2015. The criteria for the project was to develop and produce something that would work to better your community. I believe that rape culture is dishearteningly prevalent in my generation, and increasing understanding about consent is crucial. Consent education is desperately needed across the country, and this project is an attempt at filling that need. 

About Me

I'm Lucia Gagliardone. I'm 19 years old and from Sharon, VT. I'm currently a freshman at Bowdoin College in Maine. I love dancing, hiking/adventuring in the wilderness, travelling to foreign countries and speaking Spanish, reading, and playing soccer. I am passionate about human rights, social justice, public health and education. I have had a special interest in women's rights and rape culture since hiking the Long Trail and realizing how much I was controlled by the gender stereotypes that drive our current society. I have experienced real fear for my safety as a woman several times, and know what it's like to feel taken advantage of. Several of my close friends have been raped/sexually assaulted.


 I believe no one deserves to feel afraid and I am devoted to fighting sexism and rape culture. I also have experienced mutual respect and empowerment in both platonic and intimate relationships, and know how wonderful and imperative consent and equality are in all our relationships. I think human connection is the most powerful thing in the world. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, and/or suggestions! My email is

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Acknowledgments and thanks

Thank you Kaitlin Haskins, for all of your love, ideas, and expertise on designing the website. You are a joy. (

Thank you, Kaila SkeetBrowning, your beautiful photography and patience with this project were incredible. Additional thanks to Mike Tracy and Leah Varjacques for photography. 

Thank you for the wonderful logo, Luna SkeetBrowning, and for all your support. 

Thanks to Melanie Brubaker and all of World Learning for sending me to India, teaching me invaluable lessons about the world, believing in me, and guiding me through this project. Melanie, I am so grateful for you. 

 Thank you, Woody, for everything. Especially the superb writing. 

Thank you Zachary Gallin, Lydia Roe, Harvey Kelley, Quinn Thomashow, Emma Peterson, Peter Jacobson, Cameron Woods, Ashley Taylor, Sadie Dutton, Leah Varjacques, Claire Crowley, Brandon Tracy, Christa Wurm, Maria Piasecki, and Sonja Horschitz for all your encouragement and support.

Thank you to my lovely family, Mom, Dad and Ty, for supporting me and loving me. I love you guys so much! 

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